Site Plan Approval

The City of Belleville Planning Commission’s Sept. 14th unanimous vote for site plan approval for the new Belleville Area District Library (BADL) building is deeply appreciated by the entire library community.  On behalf of the BADL, I continue to shout HOORAY!  This is not only a big step for the new library process, but also an important expression of partnership within the library district.

The BADL Board, along with our design team of Daniels and Zermack Architects, O’Neal Construction and the Beckett and Raeder engineering firm, continually provides careful consideration of every detail of our overall plan.  That said, the detailed review completed by our partners at the city’s Planning Commission is extremely helpful. The leadership demonstrated by the Commission’s Chair, Steve Jones, and observations contributed by Commission members resulted in useful input to the plan as it currently stands, as well as to the details that remain to be worked out.  The library looks forward to continuing this working partnership with the city on subsequent engineering and permitting reviews and approvals, as the new library design and construction process continues to develop. In the spirit of partnership, the heartfelt joy expressed by Belleville City Manager Diana Kollmeyer over the Commission’s approval action, was very gratifying, indeed.

Equally important to collaboration with the City of Belleville, is the District Library’s partnership with the entire tri-community we serve.  We celebrate our relationship with Sumpter, where plans for the media center satellite are progressing between the library and township officials.  Similarly, Van Buren Township officials continue to express full cooperation, and are exploring ways to utilize their cable TV resources in order to help inform the wider public about new library developments well before groundbreaking takes place next spring.

We are overjoyed to have completed the site plan approval process, with each important step moving us closer to making our tri-community vision a reality for all to enjoy!

Sharon Claytor Peters
Chair, Belleville Area District Library Board