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A seed library is a place where people can borrow seeds for planting and then return seeds harvested from the plants they grow. It operates on the principle of sharing and preserving plant biodiversity within a community.

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How does a seed library work?
  1. Seed Donations: The library starts with donations of seeds from various sources, including local gardeners, seed companies, or organizations dedicated to preserving heirloom or rare plant varieties.
  2. Cataloging and Organization: The seeds are cataloged and organized, often based on plant type (vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc.) and sometimes by specific traits such as drought resistance or heirloom status.
  3. Borrowing Seeds: Members of the community can visit the seed library, and borrow seed to grown in their own garden.
  4. Harvesting Seeds: When the plants mature and produce seeds, borrowers are encouraged to save some seeds from their harvest to return to the library. This replenishes the seed stock and allows others to borrow them in the future.
Seed libraries serve several purposes:
  • Preservation of Biodiversity: By sharing and exchanging seeds, communities help preserve a diverse range of plant varieties, including heirloom and rare species that might otherwise be lost.
  • Community Building: Seed libraries foster a sense of community by bringing people together around a common interest in gardening, food security, and sustainable living.
  • Access to Seeds: They provide access to seeds for people who may not have the means to purchase them, promoting equity in access to food-growing resources.
  • Education: Seed libraries educate people about gardening practices, seed saving, and the importance of biodiversity, empowering them to become more self-sufficient and environmentally conscious.

Seed libraries contribute to the resilience and sustainability of local food systems while promoting a deeper connection between people and the plants they cultivate.

Available Seeds