Chat From the Chair, Spring 2017


The turtle is my favorite symbol.  Turtles of the world adorn my home.  “Slow and steady wins the race” is my motto.  So it is that the Belleville Area District Library community is well into the “turtle phase” of our new library building project!  We are making steady progress, but admittedly it is a bit slower than most of us would want.  In truth, we have to “lay the foundation” with the utmost care to detail, so this is totally the appropriate rate of speed.

The BADL Board and staff has been working tirelessly to identify and contract with the appropriate construction firm, to appropriately implement our bond and insurance requirements, and consult our various attorneys and architects to assure everything is undertaken correctly.  This is the unglamorous work that is hard to for the public to see, but must be done right.  We also are beginning the detail work with the City of Belleville and with Sumpter Township that is a necessary prerequisite to construction of the new Belleville library and renovation/construction of the Sumpter satellite branch. This is truly a tri-community partnership; our counterparts at Van Buren Township will also be brought into consultation as the project moves along.

Our most important partners are you, the residents of the Belleville Area Library District. Our Board is keenly aware of your need to know how the project is developing and is committed to engaging you in the process, just as we did during the campaign for the new library.  The Board’s Marketing Committee is working on strategies to reach out to you.  The Board at large welcomes the public to our monthly meetings (2nd Tuesday evenings at 7:30 at the BADL).  As we move past the detail work with which we are currently engaged, we will be seeking input in some of the interior details that impact our patrons.

At some point, we’d also like to involve the community as we explore arts and amenities for the new building, even those which might come about through private donations.  We are committed to giving ourselves and the public the best quality facility humanly possible for the precious public investment that the voters have provided.

Please visit the library, participate in the continual programming that it offers, and work with us as we continue in this exciting effort…slow and steady wins the race!

Sharon Claytor Peters

Chair, Belleville Area District Library Board